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The Joy of capturing the PERFECT SHOT, EMOTIONS & STORIES

I'm so glad and honoured you're here!

Some of you might already know that I spent almost 20 years living abroad away from my home, my parents, my brothers, my friends. the streets that I know so well, the language that only a few million speak. Sure we try to meet as often as we can. Needless to say I appreciate today's digital technology.

I was born in Budapest Hungary, raised in a small town. Spent the summers in Toronto, Canada at my uncle. Went on a Girl's Trip at age 19 in Vancouver, British Colombia. Documented the entire three weeks, driving probably everyone nuts with posing instructions. I studied and worked in New York at the time when Facebook was nowhere in sight, making friendships without Social Media that last till today! I saw the Twin Towers collapse on 9/11, the day that is impossible to erase from my memories. I graduated in Communication and Media Studies. I met my best friend, the Love of my life, my husband, Thomas on my birthday in Austria, with whom we have a wonderful daughter, Emily. That's when the journey of my professional babyphotography career began. In a nutshell..

I've decided to write my Blog in English. Simply because it connects me easier with you and my friends around the world.


CANON R6 × 23/02/2024